The Ultimate Guide To Website Branding

Every time someone tells us about a new product or service, what do we do? We simply Google it. Ever wonder why? The answer is simple! When we want to learn about something new, we explore it. In a world connected digitally, the easiest way to explore is by searching online. This is the power of the internet that everything we want to learn about is just a click away.

Startups build their way into the competitive market through a marketing strategy. Amongst that strategy is an important marketing tool known as a website. But the important point here is to know that it’s not just a website we are talking about. Its “Website branding”. A website is the face of your online business and that is why it should effectively portray your brand. To effectively position our brand online, we must understand website branding.

What is Website Branding?

Website branding refers to building and evolving your website in such a unique and synchronized way that it speaks for itself. It has its own identity which is reflected through all elements of the website whether it’s the layout, typography, or visuals – each and every element is representative of the brand. Website branding plays an important role in today’s world. The impact it has on users today is unimaginable. It can be a game-changer for a business today. This powerful tool helps potential customers know more about the product or service your business is going to offer.

How Is It Done?

Website branding is representative of your overall online presence. There are several important elements of a website that contribute towards website branding. From the domain name, logo, color scheme, blogs, content to visuals, audios, layouts everything should be consistent with the brand. What does it intend to do? What is its purpose? Once that is well-defined, a brand is automatically generated. Therefore, each element of website branding must effectively portray your brand identity. Let’s look at each element of a website branding in detail:


Make sure the layout of the website is user-friendly. The layout is literally the first impression the user will get. If the website is hard to navigate and isn’t user-friendly, it will certainly not help in growing the brand. A user-friendly interface that works both on PCs and mobile phones is the need of the hour and that every brand creating a website must take care of.


Customization plays a huge role in branding. Customization is a part of website branding. Once you identify the unique selling proposition of your brand, it's automatically customized and sets you apart from competitors. Such is the motive of a logo. It not only works as an identification for the brand but it is also used to set the brand apart from other brands. The importance of a logo design should not be undermined as it is the element that provides the first impression of your business to potential customers. Therefore, your logo should be representative of your overall brand identity.

Color Scheme

Select a color scheme in correspondence with the logo or with a color that resonated with your brand. Understand color psychology and how different colors have different impacts on the viewers.

Add Pictures

Visuals can be a game-changer for the brand. Brands must use high-quality photographs of their products and upload them on their websites to give users insight regarding what they will get after ordering. Whatever appeals to the user visually, tends to be more attractive.

Website Content

The website content should be well-written. The purpose is not to write long essays that will bore the prospective customers. You should write adequate information for your target audience to attract the right kind of customers. The content should be engaging, well-composed and error-free. This written content is the way for you to connect with customers online. This is a vital part of website branding as it sets the tone of the personality of your brand. Make sure the writing is user-friendly and puts the point across perfectly to the consumers.

Simple Domain Name

When choosing a domain name make sure it’s simple and relevant. The domain name should be short and relevant to your business. This makes it memorable and easier for users to search your business online.

Brand Story

Website branding can not be completed by business owners without recognition from their target audience. It’s a mutual effort, initiated by the business owners and replicated by their customers. To develop your brand, it’s important to let prospective customers know about the brand. Tell them your story of evolving the brand, what it is about, what it has to offer. This will help in developing a magical connection between the brand and its customers. Most websites have an “About us” Pages designed to effectively position their brand in the minds of their customers.

Website Branding is essential, especially in today’s digital world. It is a continuous process that must not be ignored as the business grows. So what are you waiting for? Start developing your brand online, or obtain professional branding services to significantly improve your online presence.

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