Tips for Designing a Professional Logo Design

A logo is the most important branding tool for any brand. It holds prime importance because logos eventually develop into your brand identity and brand recognition which every brand desires. It’s important to let the logo showcase the right image of the brand. A distinction between the two won’t sit well with the customers. A business logo design should always be defining your business and should be recognizable. Their purpose is “Identification” and that is a whole lot of responsibility on a brand to make a perfect identity factor.

We are sure almost all of you are obsessed with Nike. While the brand offers promising and top-notch quality products, the logo of the brand has been a huge contributing factor in making the brand what it is today. The “swoosh” sign is the perfect embodiment of a brand's tagline “just do it”. This kind of custom logo design, which reflects the brand’s identity, personality and represents brand incentive with just its business logo, is the recipe for a brand's success and it has been in the case of Nike making it one of the most iconic logos of all time.

All this was to tell you how an effective custom logo design can do wonders for your brand. The logo must be designed with a lot of thought process and hard work if you are looking to make an “Effective logo”

Here are a few tips to design an effective logo:

Choose the Logo style wisely:

Do not underestimate what a logo can do for your business. Each tiny detail of your brand's logo matters. People see that and resonate with it. Even the logo style! Yes, you read it right. Different brands have different logo styles that basically stem from your business’s vibe and the purpose it has to serve. Understand your brand first. Being well-aware of the brand's mission and purpose helps you develop clarity in terms of what style you want to opt for. Fast-food chains and shopping stores have logo styles usually accompanying abstract or pictorial marks. Some just have monogram logos or emblems. Choose the style that best goes with your business. Be literal and authoritative with the style you choose.

Colors-Make it or break it:

Colors can be the game changer for your business logo design. They are what add a pop to it or mollify the logo if required. Choosing the right color palette is what will make your logo effective in the best possible way.

Neon, funky and bright colors go with brands that have fun and cool vibes while sullen and pastel tones showcase more of a sophisticated look. Choose colors wisely and according to the business's vibe. Designing an effective custom logo design is not an easy job but it is not impossible. You just need to analyze and make the right choice!

Focus on basics:

Before designing your business logo, go through a whole lot of thought processes. Get down to basics. Decide upon the important pointers you definitely want to include in your logo and things you don’t want. The more clarity you have on what your logo should reflect the audience, the better it will turn out in reality. Do a lot of research on tiny details. Find what competitors do. Find how each and every process is done in the smoothest way possible and then jump into making it. The more well-prepared you are on what and how to design the better will be the outcome of your logo design.

Simple and memorable is the mantra:

An effective custom logo design can only come to reality if it’s simple and memorable. Think of a wider audience. If you want your logo to be effective and produce effective results in correspondence to business it's only possible if the logo is kept simple. It’s easy for people to remember such a logo that’s not complex or loaded with words and pictures. No one wants a full analysis of a logo to understand it. Make it simple yet having that unique touch to it to create a semblance of interest and fun at the same time.

Choosing Typography:

Choose the typeface that best goes with your business. We can’t help but emphasize enough the fact that every single thing related to your brand's logo, even the nitty-gritty should speak up for your brand. If it doesn’t then it is definitely not an effective business logo design. Try not to use gimmicky or unprofessional fonts. Go through numerous ones and make the right choice.

Logo must be Scalable:

An effective logo design is one that is designed while keeping in mind that this logo has to go up on different scales. A logo is the most important marketing tool and will be there at all mediums wherever you try to promote your brand whether it’s a flyer, a brochure, advertisements, etc. The logo must look good on all mediums and this reason also contributes to the fact that the logo should be kept simple. The simplicity makes it more scalable and easier to transcend the paper. While you can make reiterations alongside as well, it’s a challenge to design a perfect logo that’s easily scalable. Take it as a challenge and make it the best business logo design.

Make it Unique:

Make a logo that’s unique. DO NOT COPY. Even if it is just a tiny detail, a tiny written or designed part of other famous logos, just do not copy it. It is unethical and unprofessional. The more unique your logo is, the more it will speak for your brand and what it has to offer. Custom logo designs are made for this exact purpose. Think out-of-the-box ideas, something innovative and creative that will make your logo stand out in the pools of iconic logos already existing. All it takes to make a unique logo is a lot of effort. Some trial and error but eventually you will find the one that makes your logo “Your logo”. Your brand’s logo. There can be multiple revisions but what is important is to keep on going and finding the right fit. Customize your logo by aligning it according to your brand's purpose and identity and it will be the most professional, custom, and amazing business logo, making waves in the brand's prospective market.

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