Is A Simple Logo Design Right for Your Business?

The logo is the identity of a business. It is the true manifestation of the business’s differentiating factor. We see a lot of startup businesses growing today. With the influx of new businesses every day, it is important to have new, unique and professional logo designs for each business.

Having a distinct logo has nothing to do with complexity. This is where most businesses go wrong. To make something different for their business, they resort to some complex designs which do not prove to be fruitful for the business later.

A simple logo is the best choice to make as it will not only be easy to remember but will also be liked by the majority. It is easier to grasp, acknowledge and understand a simple logo rather than the one that is relatively convoluted and is difficult to understand. A logo forms the basis of your business identity, hence it is crucial to see and understand the benefits of a simple logo design and why a simple logo should be preferred over any fancy and overly done logo design.

Below are a few reasons why a simple logo can prove to be the finest option for your business

Easily Recognized:

First things first, let us talk about how a simple logo design can be easily recognized by people. It is easier to pick up simple things rather than complex visuals. This is the foremost reason why a simple logo would suit your business best.

Won't it be amazing that people recognize your business through your logo design rather than taking effort and energy from them to remember what your logo looks like? This ease of recall will help in developing brand identity in a much easier way.

A few famous examples of simple yet easily recognizable logos are of Coca-Cola, Nike, FedEx, Shell, etc. These world-renowned businesses are effortlessly known without a second look and that’s the kind of recognition you should aim for your business too.

Simple means relevant:

In most scenarios when people tend to create a complex logo, they lose focus of the brand’s message. This is exactly what a simple logo design does not do. It focuses exactly on the business’s identity and its message. Things that are irrelevant and are added just to make the logo a little too different are not well-appreciated. Simplistic logos have proved to be the most impactful, timeless, and versatile.

Simple logo designs are well-executed and well designed since there is not too much on the plate and that is exactly what consumers demand. Mercedes has a simplistic logo yet so relevant to the business as it is classy, sophisticated, and luxurious. The three-pointed star shows the company's domination of land, air, and sea. This is how simplistic logos become iconic as they are the most relevant to businesses. Similarly, Audi’s famous four rings are relevant to the fact that four companies merged to form Audi. The powerfully designed simplistic logo is efficiently relevant to the company.

Logo placed on different mediums:

Another important aspect in this regard is that the logos are placed on various mediums. From billboards, brochures, flyers, catalogs to menus, products, or in some cases huge and heavy things such as an airplane.

While choosing a business logo, it must be kept in mind that the logo will be placed on various mediums so it should be feasible to place it everywhere. This eventually means that logo must be kept simple. Simple logo designs prove to be efficient when their placement is done anywhere. A complex design will be shown differently on different mediums. It will take quite an effort and money to bring the logo design to look similar on all mediums. So the simpler the logo is lesser the problems for you and your business.


Simplistic designs are understandable to the majority of people. This is a plus point for the business. A business that has a simple logo will be easily recognized and understood by the masses. Sometimes complex designs result in discrepancies and are difficult to understand. A simple logo resonates with a wider audience and that is the ideal case. The logo of Coca-Cola represents nothing else but just the business name which is easily understandable and works in the best interest of the company by excellent marketing through its logo.

Simple yet aesthetic:

A simple logo design works best but what is important to note is that it must be simple yet aesthetic. A simplistic logo does not mean it lacks creativity. You can make efforts to make it look visually appealing in a simplistic way. That is the beauty of simplicity. A simple logo made online may have some sort of charisma through its overall look. The combination of a logo that is easy on the eye and is aesthetically appealing is the best combo out there. Apple Logo is the most well-suited example right here. A simple apple is amped up by a single bite which has been the brand's symbol for the longest time.

Conveying Message Effectively:

There are multiple business logo designs online. The job of a logo is to reflect the essence of business through its logo. It takes deep insight and imperative efforts to make a logo design that does its job. A simple logo performs this job wonderfully as it effectively communicates the brand's message to a wide audience. This clarity of message is of utmost importance.

Take for example Nike’s simple “swoosh” into consideration. It conveys the brand slogan “Just Do It” in the most perfect manner. This is the power of a simple design that does the task in the most quintessential way. Similarly, you see the logo for Instagram. The simple design shows a camera which shows that it is entirely a visual platform, which is true. This is effective communication through a simple logo design. Hence a simple logo, designed by a professional designer should be the foremost choice made by every business.

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