How to Choose the Best Fonts for a Logo?

Brands today understand the importance of marketing. It has become integral to come up with smart ideas for marketing your product to keep your brand in the competition. Amongst the different aspects of marketing is designing a logo for your business. While the business logo design might change along the period the business runs, it is very crucial to enter the market with a well-designed logo when launching your business. The reason for this is that logos play the most important role in brand development and advertising your business.

It can be a game-changer for the brand. Many brands are famous for their iconic logo designs and people develop brand loyalty for such brands. Prime examples of these brands are Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc. Their logo designs are simple yet so creative. An important thing while designing a corporate logo is opting for the best font for a logo.

Font style and size can impact the whole vibe of the logo even if the visuals suggest otherwise. Best fonts for logos are chosen after analyzing the vibe of the business.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing the best font for a logo:


The importance of typography is crucial in a logo design because if the typography is not readable, it is totally useless for the audience to get attracted to your brand in the first place. If your logo has text, then it is very integral that it must be clear and readable. There are different font styles that make the text too thin or too stylish. Do not choose such font styles as it is difficult for any person to view and analyze the logo and relate it to the business. A professional logo design contains text that is decipherable immediately. If the fonts are too closely aligned, it will be hard to understand for the readers. They must be distinguishable, readable, and understandable.

Font vibes:

Businesses attract customers through such advertising that resonates with the customers. Anything a brand does must resonate with the customer in any aspect. Such is the case when choosing a font style for your logo design. Choose the best fonts for logos that resonate with your brand and the audience. For example, choosing all capital letters along with a bold font style (Gill Sans Nova Cond Ultra Bold) communicate some serious vibes for businesses which may provide some important medicinal items while Coca-Cola’s font style (Spencerian Script) gives cool and laid-back vibes. There is no set rule to know font vibes. It is you, who must see what is easy on the eyes and what is relatable with your brand's identity.


No doubt, fads, and fashions keep on changing but they are also important if you want to be in the competition. When launching your business, do research. Observe what type of font styles are more common and are trending in those days. It also depends on the kind of business you have. A luxurious car will most likely have a sleek and stylish modern logo font style as it goes with the brand's vibe while an ice-cream parlor can have a trendy fun logo design with a similar font style (Handwritten or script). Check what is trendy in the business domain you are about to start up.

Combination of Fonts:

Logos can have one type of font or more than one as well. A combination of fonts is mostly used, one for the main label and the second one can be for a tagline in the logo design. They can be contrasting fonts or combination fonts. For example, for a clothing brand, sometimes the main text is written with stylish font style but then the tagline in the logo is written with a bold font style to define clarity. Professional Font styles give meaning to your logo and consequently to your business. The best fonts for logos are those that communicate with the audience in the subtlest ways and can be great for the business.

Famous Fonts:

First, decide what you are going to work with. Will it be serif fonts or sans-serif fonts? Sans-serif logo fonts do not have “feet” at the end of each letter while Serif logo fonts have decorative “feet” at the end of each letter.

Correlation is an important term when deciding on typography for your professional logo designs. Correlation between font style and your business individuality. What makes your business distinct and gives it meaning is what should give life to the logo too. Logos that have typography must have something that the audience can grab on to, to relate with the brand. Font style is what people relate your business with. Give them something meaningful to correlate by choosing a font style that speaks for your business’s persona. Decide fonts in accordance with time as well. If a business refers to something of old times or vintage, use fonts that can reveal the old gold times through font style.

Bebas Neue for Netflix

The bold letters for Netflix make the logo stand out.

Bodoni for Vogue

This font style is famous for many fashion brands.

FedEx has two font styles used in its logo. It uses Futura Bold along with Univers 67.

This is a great example of two fonts mixed in one logo designed to perfection.

Futura extra bold condensed oblique for NIKE

All the letters capital and bold for Nike are the best font style chosen for the brand. The iconic logo has made the brand one of its kind.

Spire Regular for GAP

Gap is also one of the most famous brands defined by its logo. The logo is so famous that they had to change back the logo to the original after they opted to alter their logo once.

Fenice Std Regular for Ralph Lauren

The classic logo reflects brands’ top-notch quality and the visuals in the logo design add to the brand identity.

Klavika for Facebook

The aesthetic logo design for Facebook is cool and modern. The font style is very well-suited with the brand identity.

All these fonts are for different brands. The different styles and visions of these brands are well-communicated with their font styles which have made these brands renowned. Consequently, we should create business logos that are unique and are able to effectively communicate the brand identity.

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