Can I Get a Corporate Logo Design for Free?

A logo is the most essential aspect of website branding and plays a crucial role in the brand identity development process. They are the imperative anchor of brand enhancement and credibility. The corporate logo of any brand must be given a lot of importance. A lot of thought processes must be put in during the logo designing process so that your corporate logo reflects the true essence of the brand.

There are a lot of logo makers offering unique corporate logo designing services. Some of them are charging for their services which is an essential aspect, considering the fact that designing a unique corporate logo does require a lot of effort that needs to be compensated monetarily.

A Corporate Logo is designed with a concept, devised strategy of a professional, correct format and can be changed according to preferences. The money you invest in your logo designing will pay you back. And that too magnanimously!

A logo is what draws customers towards your brand. Don’t you see all these famous and iconic logos of Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, GAP, and Mercedes? They all are different genres of brands but one common thing in all of them is that they are designed by professional corporate logo designers. Their logos have majorly contributed to creating the brand identity along with their top-quality products. This also ensures brand loyal customers for your brand.

A unique corporate logo design has the power to give you the pinnacle in the highly competitive market and then customer retention is all that needs to be done which you can do by providing top quality products or services, whatever your business entails. Customer acquisition is also done by various brands and for that too, they choose to change or introduce new dynamics to the business by changing or customizing their logo or producing a new customizable range of products. This shows how corporate logos can be a big game-changer.

Professional corporate logo designers can totally change your business game by making sure your business becomes the talk of the town just through the amazing logo they create with magic. Logos are the first insight of your brand a customer gets to know and as they say “The first impression is the last impression”. No doubt, indeed it is. That's why logo designing must be done by a professional if you want a unique corporate logo design that can help you in creating a positive first impression of the brand.

But you must have seen probably a gazillion advertisements in print and online promising you to offer a corporate logo design and that too for free!

While the offer may sound very tempting at first glance but wait; Aren’t you missing out on the most important detail? Yes, we are talking about how you don’t have to spend even a penny to get that unique logo.

But here’s the catch! Nothing is free in this world. You have to pay the price of each and everything you do, good or bad. As they said in the famous Netflix Show-The Social Dilemma “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product”. This basically means that if you don't pay for the product, it's likely being paid for by someone seeking to profit from you in some way which in this case can be providing you a logo whose quality has been severely compromised or it is plagiarized.
Due to these very serious implications, you definitely need to stop looking at logo makers who offer you a free corporate logo design because this won’t even be entirely true.

Top 5 Reasons To Never Use Free Logo Makers:

1) Compromise on Quality:

While all these logo makers promise to give you the best product but they do compromise on one major thing and that is “Quality”. The quality of a corporate logo design is compromised in such a way that the logo will not be versatile and aesthetic. Most importantly most corporate logo designs have to be placed on various platforms so a free logo maker cannot provide such a logo that is compatible to be placed on different mediums. The logo needs to be scaled down or enlarged according to the medium it is to be placed on and that scaling can only look good if the quality of the logo is top-notch. The logo should not become pixelated when expanded as it can ruin the whole look of the logo.

2) Zero Creativity:

There is zero creativity level in a free logo maker. Creativity can never come from something that has just been fed with some basics and essentials of design tools. The creativity can only come from the human mind that will hear your ideas and thoughts, your input on how your logo should be like. When you are heard and listened to, that's when things turn into something unique, creative, and amazing. The templates available can never let anyone create a corporate logo that is out of the box.

3) Copyright Issues:

In free logo makers, one of the most common issues that occur is that other businesses can make the same logo and copyright issues will occur which will be an endless battle considering no proof of who made it first and also the fact that it’s an online free logo maker which allows any kind of person belonging to any country to use it so any person around the world can make the same thing as yours and you cannot claim for its uniqueness considering it can never be exclusive.

4) No uniqueness:

A corporate logo design made using a free logo maker can never be unique due to various limitations. There are various pre-designed icons present that any other user can also use for their startup/business which automatically leaves no room for uniqueness. Free logo makers are always a bad idea when looking for uniqueness because they are just a quick fix. They can never be unique enough to last long.

5) Limited Designing:

When using a free logo maker, you will always be limited to fewer designs. Professional photo editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop can make an elaborate, amazing, and unique corporate logo design with great precision. Free logo makers will just limit you to the business logo designs already fed in the system. There will never be room to explore and design new ideas.

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